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Re: No sourcing of ~/.profile at login

Bob Proulx wrote:
> ...
> When you log in at a graphics console the profile is not sourced.  

> The
> Xsession script uses /bin/sh and does not know what shell you will be
> using.  

Why doesn't it (or some part of the GDM/etc. login process) know your 
default shell the same way /bin/login knows (and invokes an instance 
of) your default shell?

> Why doesn't Xsession load .profile directly?  /bin/sh is used by
> Xsession to start up your environment.  If you are a bash user and
> source /etc/bash_completions in your .bash_profile then /bin/sh would
> have syntax errors trying to read it and you would be logged out.

Did anyone suggest that Xsession should load .profile directly?  

Something (I don't know if that would be Xsession or something else)
should start your preferred shell with the login-shell options just
as /bin/login invokes it.

> Basically if Xsession did load $HOME/.profile then any errors there
> would prevent the login from happening.  I am sure the Gnome/KDE folks
> just got too tired of seeing bogus bug reports about gdm/kdm not being
> able to log people in and avoided this by this process.  

Breaking standard Unix login is NOT acceptable.  Why didn't they just
have the "safe" mode suppress reading any startup files that could
prevent login?

Daniel Barclay

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