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starting different window managers

I prefer the text console over X, whenever it is appropriate.
The downside is, that my knowledge about X is very limited.
I just installed kde which I use rarely ;-)

Now I'm trying to build an box for audio work, where kde is too heavy.
So I would like to try out some lightweight windowmanagers.  What is an
easy way to start different window managers (so I can try them out)?
I'm working on Debian unstable.

I have seen things like xdm, but if possible I would prefer a solution
that does *not* run on X, but starts X only when I ask it to.

OK, I *could* live with a graphical login, if there's no easy text based
solution.  Which one is best to try out a number of different window
managers?  How do I add another one, or is it done automatically when
installing a wm?

Thanks for pointers or suggestions,
Robert Epprecht

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