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I am trying to install my wireless netcard, installed the modules, tools
etc... But when i start CARDMGR, my portable hangs.
Even when i start cardmgr without a pcmcia card in the socket, it hangs.
When i insert the card, then CARDCTL detects the card and with another
ordinnary netcard (3COM) it hangs also.
But the fact that its hanging without a card in the socket could be a
problem with CARDMGR (io or whatever) and not with the card itself (isn't
that a smart conclusion ??)

So when i type CARDMGR i get this:

CS: IO PORT PROBE 0x0c00-0x0CFF: clean
CS: IO PORT PROBE 0x0800-0x08FF: (and here it hangs)

I have a DELL 8100 portable with only one pcmcia socket.
Any idea?


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