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Connecting Wireless & Wired Networks

Hello All, I recently got a wireless card configured up on my Debian box, which also has a regular wired NIC. I'd like to set things up so that my wife's XP laptop, which has a wireless card that will sucessfully talk to the Debian wireless card, can use the Debian box as a gateway out to the rest of the wired LAN and the Internet. After reading through multiple HOWTOs, examples, etc., I'm just not sure what the best course of action is here. Let me explain my setup and what I'm trying to do; hopefully from there someone can tell me whether bridging, NAT, or some other solution is most practical. I've got an OpenBSD box that runs as the local firewall/Internnet gateway, with an ISP-provided address and a local address of Also attached to the internal LAN ON 192.168.2.x are a simple XP box and my Debian system. Meanwhile, I've set up wlan0 on the Debian box to be, and the XP laptop with the wireless NIC to be What I'd like to do is have the laptop be able to see both the 192.168.2.x network, along with the Internet through the OpenBSD box (though I assume that once the laptop sees 192.168.2.x and I set its gateway as an IP on that network, it'll go out and see the Net just fine). I would really appreciate any advice on what the best setup for this situation would be. If anyone wanted to throw sample configurations my way, that'd be even better, though I expect folks are busy enough they may not do that. :-)
Alex Kirk

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