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Re: print HTML in "B" size

On Wed, Sep 17, 2003 at 04:40:21PM -0500, Donald Spoon wrote:
| Derrick 'dman' Hudson wrote:
| >I want to print a certain web page[1], which includes color and
| >images, on "B" size paper (aka "Ledger", 11"x17").  My printer can
| >handle 11x17 just fine, but I don't know how to convert the HTML to PS
| >for the printer.  Neither galeon nor mozilla allow choosing that paper
| >size, nor do they let me choose an arbitrary size.
| >
| >What tool(s) will fit the bill here?
| Hmm... my Mozilla (1.4-4) offers a "ledger" option under the "Print" --> 
| "Properties" menu next to the selected printer. I don't have any legal 
| paper here to test it out, though.

Legal isn't the size I'm looking for.
(BTW, if you print to a file you can then use 'gv' to see if it came
out right :-))

| It does print color from web pages quite nicely on "letter" sized
| paper from my HP Deskjet 960C.

Yeah, but I don't want a letter sized printout :-)

| My current software setup here is:
| 1. Mozilla 1.4-4
| 2. xprt-xprintorg 0.0.8.cvs2003050
| 3. CUPS version 1.1.19 final
| Dunno which of the above is needed or is the "key", but I suspect it is 
| the first two at least.  I started getting some different printer 
| listings in the Mozilla print menu AFTER I got the xprt packages 
| installed and working.

Aha.  XPRT is the key there.  (along with mozilla, since mozilla is
the only xprt client I know of.  galeon isn't affected by xprt at all)

| They seem to pick up my "defined" printers in 
| CUPS and add a "...@:64" to their names.  Under the "Properties" menu I 
| have a LOT of options on print sizes!!  Much more than under CUPS alone. 
|   Dunno how it would work with other print systems.

I use cups already, so that isn't a problem.  /me wonders why mozilla
doesn't just query cups instead of creating yet another layer of
indirection which needs to be configured and only one app actually
uses it.  Oh well.  At least it makes mozilla work now!

I now have a couple different variations on the size and scaling of
the data printed on tabloid ("B") paper.  This is what I was aiming
for :-).


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