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Adrian Berardi (<adrianberardi@taysos.com>) wrote:

> Hi, i'm a new debian user, and without too much experience in linux.
> I'm trying to install a Debian here at home to use it as internet
> access for a couple windows PCs. Someone told me that i had to install
> first the two eth, then configure the networkcards, then install dhcp3
> (for the PCs to get a dinamic ip), and then do NAT (iptables)
> Everything worked OK, but it is not the case of the NAT: i can access
> internet from de debian, but i dont know how to configure or what to
> install for access internet from the windows PCs through the Debian.
> Any comment will be kindly accepted.! Best regards, Adrian

The program used to turn on NAT is called ipchains (2.2 and 2.4 kernels)
or iptables (2.4 kernels). There are also some more user-friendly
frontends available in Debian, for example bastille or fwbuilder.

And of course there is a lot of documentation, for example the iptables


best regards
        Andreas Janssen

Andreas Janssen
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