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RE: failed upgrade to unstable... libxrender1

James Strandboge wrote:
>On Wed, 2003-09-17 at 16:28, Michael Kahle wrote:
>>>Did you have the gnome2.2 woody backport installed?
>> Yes I did.  I was runny woody.  I then installed the backport at a 
>> later date.  I the decided to switch to testing.
>Glad dselect helped.  It is not recommended to go from the backport 
>to testing, but instead the backport to sid.  The reason being is 
>that much of the backport is much farther ahead of testing.
>I did correct a dependency issue with libxrender1.1 (which is from 
>the backport) and libxrender1.  You won't be able to install 
>libxrender1 now without removing libxrender1.1.  This should help 
>people attempting what you did.

I apologize.  I went from stable to unstable (sid).  I hope that my 
slip did not prompt the propagation of a change that was unnecessary 
or worse wrong!


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