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Installing Debian with no CD drive and only USB dsl modem.

Im trrying hard to install Debian. I have no CDROM drive. And my connection
to the internet is through a USB dsl modem, which makes the net install extremely difficult,
if not impossible.
I have tried a hard disk install by mounting the ISO image, but the
debian installer refuses to install from it. So now i am looking for ways to
do a Net install with the USB dsl modem.
I have got the base system installed already, with the floppy disks.
I used the special kernel image that has support for USB devices. However, it doesn't seem to
support VIA USB controllers, So ofcourse the modem will not work.
I know the USB modem can work under linux, because I have used it under Slackware.
I have a kernel image that I got from the peanut linux install files. They use this kernel in a very
similair way to how debian does, with a 'ram.bat' file and the initrd line.
I know the peanut kernel supports my USB setup, so i tried to replace linux.bin with that.
However, I get "invalid compressed format error". Back to square one.
Any help in getting out of this mess and installing Debian would be appreciated, thanks.
p.s: No, I don't know anyone who can lend me a CD drive.

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