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Re: where is netscape 4 in testing?

Am Mi, 2003-09-10 um 00.42 schrieb Travis Crump:
> Joerg Rossdeutscher wrote:
> > document.write(navigator.appCodeName+"<br>");
> > document.write(navigator.appName+"<br>");
> > document.write(navigator.appVersion+"<br>");
> > document.write(navigator.userAgent+"<br>");
> > </script>
> > 
> > When I fake my browserID  with mozilla via Prefbar-extension, one of the
> > lines above gives the faked ID, while the other one _always_ says
> > "Mozilla". Tested just on a macintosh.

> Netscape 4.x's code name *is* Mozilla.  That is where the name for 
> Mozilla came from...

Ehhh... you missed the point. We are talking about _faking_ a
browser-ID, so setting i.e. "Internet Explorer" in Prefbar should not
say "Mozilla". Netscape 4 has nothing to do with this.

> The other way to do a browser check[actually the 'proper' way] is to 
> check whether the browser supports document.layers or document.all or 
> some other [obsolete] capability that you plan on using.

Yes. But that's unfair. :-)

Bye, Ratti

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