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good debian backup software?

was wondering if there is a package that is opitmized for backing up a 
debian system,  like something that would compare the installed system to 
a set of cds (ie the install cd set) and then write out the configuration 
and additional packages to cd|iso|tape|whatever.  so that the when the 
restore is run it only asks a very few or no configuation questions.

i did try 'apt-cache search' and google with no success, probably just the 
wrong keywords.

my motivation for this was i recently had a harddrive crash and it took a 
while (a day) to resetup most of the software, but a relatively short time 
(an hour) to restore the home folder.  since nearly everything is off the 
debian cd's or debian security, it should be possible to use install cds 
to restore the bulk of the software with the config prefilled in from the 

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