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Re: [OT] Samba, Win2k, Weird files

On Sun, Sep 07, 2003 at 03:14:06PM -0400, D. Clarke wrote:
> I have a samba share setup "pictures" and mapped from win2k systems, but 
> recently ( i can't place the timeline ) all the sub folders vanished 
> from the win2k systems, and on the acutal linux box there's weird files 
> in the shared directory (these files show up under win2k with mangled 
> names) ex:
> -rwxrw-r--    1 dclarke  dclarke     60958 Sep 25  2001 12hour.gif
> -rwxrw-r--    1 dclarke  dclarke      7128 Sep 25  2001 
> 12hour.gif:Q30lsldxJoudresxAaaqpcawXc:$DATA
> -rwxrw-r--    1 dclarke  dclarke         0 Sep 25  2001 
> 12hour.gif:{4c8cc155-6c1e-11d1-8e41-00c04fb9386d}:$DATA
> I have no idea what these files are, although they look windows related 
> i haven't been able to place why they're there.
> All of the sub folders are still in tact, fully and I can't find any of 
> these weird files beyond the root of the share.
> Anybody know what these might be from?

Those are Windows 2000 "alternate data streams". They're very rarely
used, and Samba doesn't support them. The way ADS's are accessed on the
Windows side is something like "filename:stream" so you just end up with
ugly files when something tries to write them to a Samba share. I've
heard of some graphics browsers that keep extra information in alternate
data streams, but I don't remember which one it was.

Check the archives of the Samba mailing lists, it's been discussed some
there. I think the general consensus was that there wasn't really a good
way to store them and there were much more important things to work on.

Michael Heironimus

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