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Re: insmod tun fails. modprobe tun succeeds.

 --- Shaul Karl <shaulk@actcom.net.il> escribió: >     # insmod tun
>     Can't open 'tun': No such file or directory
>     # lsmod |grep tun
>     # modprobe tun
>     # lsmod |grep tun
>     tun                     7776  0
>   And /dev/net/tun do exists. 
>   Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?

>From the modprobe man page:

Modprobe  will  automatically  load all base modules needed in a module
stack, as described by the dependency file modules.dep.  If the loading
of  one  of  these  modules  fails,  the whole current stack of modules
loaded in the current session will be unloaded automatically.

Basically, modprobe automatically resolves module dependencies based on the 
current modules.dep.  Insmod only tries to insert the named module and fails
if the dependencies are not already met.

No bug, just the behavior of the program.  You probably want to stick to
modprobe anyway.


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