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Re: spamassassin: whitelist_from_rcvd ?!?!

* Michael D Schleif (mds@helices.org) [030905 13:30]:
>    # id
>    uid=1000(mds) gid=1000(mds)
>    groups=1000(mds),6(disk),29(audio),50(staff),1001(sambamount),1002(mysql)
>    # dpkg -S /usr/sbin/dpkg-divert
>    bash: /usr/bin/dpkg: Permission denied
> Is this because of tiger, or bastille?
>    # ls -l /usr/bin/dpkg
>    -rwxr-x---    1 root     root       153944 Apr 26 15:19 /usr/bin/dpkg

Whatever did it, if it was a "security" tool, that's pretty
bass-ackwards.  Now they have you running as root to do things you
don't need to be running as root, which is a fundamental no-no.  I'd
change it back to 755.  If you track down whether tiger or bastille did
that, I'd say you'd be right to file a bug against the culprit.

good times,

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