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Re: /home partition

The partition (hda2) doen't appear in /etc/fstab --nothing there
shows that there is a separate partition for /home.

If there is no entry in /etc/fstab for a partition is will not be mounted (unless you use a manual mount command with all the necessary options). The command


will tell you what partitions you have mounted.

Is it necessary to edit /etc/fstab and manually enter a line
for hda2 to show that it is the /home directory?  If so, what should
this entry be?

You should have an entry something like:

/dev/hda2       /home           ext2    defaults                0       2

You should check the partition format required (ext2, ext3, etc..) and might want to look at man mount or man fstab for some background info.

If you are going to add this line, you should first backup your home directory. Alternatively you could select a different mount point such as:

/dev/hda2 /opt/home ext2 defaults 0 2

First you would need to create the directory /opt/home, then mount the partition and copy all the information from /home to /opt/home. Then move the home folder to a different name and create a symbolic link to replace it:

ln -s /opt/home /home

Be aware that you must do this all as root user, so be careful if you feel like deleting anything!! You may also want to consider running in single user mode, init 1.

What's a possible reason why the /home partition didn't 'take' during the installation process? Is it always necessary to do some post-installation editing (/etc/fstab ??) after a partition is selected for a /directory?

There is no reason that the home partition didn't take. Nothing is usually required post install... probably just an act of dog...


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