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Re: Linux permissions and which(1)

Bill Moseley wrote:

On Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 09:45:53PM -0700, Bill Moseley wrote:
I was looking at the source code to the which(1) command (apt-get source which = which-2.14 ).

Just to add, the which(1) command installed on my Debian system is
working correctly -- but only when I build which(1) from the source

Filename: pool/main/w/which/which_2.14-4_i386.deb

I just want to be clear that I'm understanding Linux perms correctly.

Wow, when I read your first post I thought 'his shell is messed up or something, that cant be right...'. So I tested it. Then I tested it with csh and ksh.


If that is correct, (it makes a lot of sense) then I think I'm going to blame my misconception on 1) VMS as my first multi-user OS experiance and their 'world' flag and 2) lots of bad documentation. I probably ought to blame it on myself for not proving to myself what all the different file permissions do. Out of habit (and not correct knowledge) I've given user execute when I give it to group or other, and group execute when I give it to other.

File permissions: -r--r--r-x
whoami => jacob
groups => jacob audio

jacob.jacob ./t => sh: permission denied
root.jacob ./t => sh: permission denied
root.root ./t =>  Hello world

So, either everything else is wrong, or the author of which had made an assumption about other being 'world' like I had made.


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