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Re: dynamic dns IP assignment from behind router

On Thu, 4 Sep 2003, Matt Price wrote:

> I'm trying to get a dynamic dns client working on my home machines.
> The home connection is dsl (bell sympatico in Canada), and works fine,
> but the IP seems to be changing more often nowadays than it used to.
> I've set up a little network between my office and my home, so it's
> somewhat important for me to have some way of knowing what my home IP
> is when I'm at work...  dynamic dns seems to be the answer.

I don't know about your provider, but my DSL connection is through
Telus, and even though the dynamic IP address might change the hostname
is static (xxxxxxxxx.bc.hsia.telus.net). You might want to check if this
is so for you. If you do a reverse lookup on your IP address and the
hostname returned does not contain the IP address it might be true for
you as well.



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