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Re: Duplicating installs across the network

Karsten M. Self said on Thu, Sep 04, 2003 at 11:24:20PM +0100:
> > I know that there are a whole host of tools out there that for
> > imagining/backup, but I have no experience with any of them.  Can
> > anyone out there provide some pointers and insight?  What do you all
> > use?  Does it work well?  I really hope that there is an easy way to
> > this, as I do not want to have to reinstall 9 machines from scratch.
I've been using systemimager for over a year now, and it rocks.  Fully
automatic network installations, pretty easy to setup automatic client updates.

http://www.systemimager.org is the orignal site, but it's well packaged in


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