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Re: Duplicating installs across the network

At Wed, 3 Sep 2003 00:35:05 -0400,
Kevin McKinley wrote:
> On Mon, 1 Sep 2003 23:07:43 +0200 (CEST)
> Roberto Sanchez <rcsanchez97@yahoo.es> wrote:
> > I know that there are a whole host of tools out there that
> > for imagining/backup, but I have no experience with any of
> > them.  Can anyone out there provide some pointers and
> > insight?  What do you all use?  Does it work well?  I really
> > hope that there is an easy way to this, as I do not want to
> > have to reinstall 9 mahines from scratch.
> > 
> > The machines are homogeneous, with the following hardware:
> If you believe you'll need to do this regularly, I'd recommend
> Norton Ghost.  I recently made its acquaintance, and I'm really
> impressed.
> It runs from a single floppy, and can make a self-booting image
> restore CD.  So to recover a workstation to its starting state,
> just insert the CD and boot. Voila!

There's also a Debian package called partimage.  To quote from
the package description:

"Linux/UNIX utility to save partitions in a compressed image file
Partition Image is a Linux/UNIX partition imaging utility: it
saves partitions in the Ext2FS (the linux standard), ReiserFS (a
new journaled and powerful file system), NTFS (Windows NT File
System) or FAT16/32 (DOS & Windows file systems) file system
formats to an image file [...].

"This makes it possible to save a full Linux/Windows system with
a single operation.  In case of a problem (virus, crash, error,
etc.), you just have to restore, and after several minutes, your
entire system is restored (boot, files, etc.), and fully

There's also mondo and mindi, which together can supposedly
create a self-booting rescue + restore system.  Most people will
probably just rely on the old favorite tar.

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