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Moving some parts of FS to unpopuplated partitions, mounting during booting, swap...

I have some unpopulated partitions. The system originally was woody, using a mixture of testing installer and woody CDs. Since then I moved my system to sid. Due to restrictions in the woody installer, not all 160 gb were recognized. I want to fix this, cfdisk and relatives from sid have no problems seeing the whole disk.
So, at this point, all is in /dev/hdb1.
What is the best way to move /home; /usr; to some of these partitions, and have then recognized at booting time?
I want to create a swap partition, because I didn't create one, due to the fact that I was playing with the netinstaller for testing before using the woody installer, and it seems to me now that it didn't ask me then if I wanted one. And having 512 mb of RAM didn't make me too worried about it.  However, the time has come for one. What is the best procedure to get it going?
I know (??) that I have to make changes in /etc/fstab, some cp, etc, but would prefer to hear some opinions before going ahead, would not want to mess up a new machine.

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