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Re: [OT] Why does X need so much CPU power?

On Tue, 2003-09-02 at 14:32, Marc Wilson wrote:
> But as long as there aren't equivalents to Photoshop (and I'm sorry, but
> Gimp ain't it, not while it doesn't do something basic like CYMK), InDesign
> or the equivalent (and TeX ain't it either), Office (yes, OOo may be there
> someday, but it isn't NOW), and an easy to use database (and the SQL server
> of your choice CERTAINLY isn't it), along with many other applications...
> Linux will be incredibly useful to the geeks and not at all to Joe Public.

GIMP now has CMYK. :)
I don't know when it appeared, since my use of GIMP very basic, but it's
there. The version on my desktop is 1.3.19, although it may have been
there a bit longer.

Open Office - I agree, v1.1, when it's released, should be everything
99.95% of people need (Access type applications not withstanding)

btw. I've already converted a couple of people, most notably my parents
(!). I can't really speak on business desktop apps (I haven't done
enough research to comment one way or the other), but most home users
(gamers not withstanding), seem to limit themselves to 'net browsing,
email, instant messaging, IRC, word processing, perhaps some spread
sheets, those simple little games like crack-attack. The biggest
use seems to be movies and music - which Linux is completely capable of.

Anyway, my orginal point was that GIMP has CMYK, that is all. :)


P.S. I agree that Linux completely ready to kick Windows of the desktop
in all areas, but it is surprising the number of areas where it is,
especially compared to say, a year ago.

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