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RE: Newbie Hardware/Partitioning

> >I have a new machine on order. The more interesting items are:
> >
> >Mobo: Gigabyte 7VA KT400 + Sound/AGP8X/DDR400
> >AMD Athlon XP 2000Mhz
> >ATI Radeon 7500 64B/Dual Head
> >UDMA 40Gig 7200RPM
> >
> >My first question is will I have any difficulty with these
> hardware pieces?
> >
> You will probably have problems getting X to work if you just
> use woody,
> try Sarge (testing) which has a newer version of Xfree and a recent
> stable kernel 2.4.20 or higher.

Any further thoughts on this? This is to be my first Debian install. Should
I indeed use Sarge for the Xfree version?


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