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Re: [OT] Why does X need so much CPU power?

At 2003-09-02T12:04:40Z, "Yves Goergen" <nospam.list@unclassified.de> writes:

> You see? All those things, a nice, responsive UI, that "font management
> that actually works", all those little things keep me with Windows (XP for
> that part) for my desktop.

You can get all that from a Unix terminal, too - I use a snappy GUI every
single day.  The key is understanding that KDE and Gnome are *far* more than
just GUIs; both are huge, object-oriented systems with all sorts of stuff
running in the background.

Try running WindowMaker, which offers a somewhat comparable level of
functionality to explorer.exe.  I can guarantee that it'll be quick and
Kirk Strauser

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