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Re: [OT] Why does X need so much CPU power?

On Tuesday 02 September 2003 06:00, csj wrote:
> Some ex-X coders have already forked XFree86.  There's already an
> established dri project at sourceforge which is responsible for
> creating the more bleeding edge 3D support for X (note the use of the
> relative "more").

Judging from all the pother attempts at establishing a new graphic frontend, 
the only thing that will keep Xouvert from just vanishing is - sadly - its X 
heritage. DRI is all nice but it lacks vendor support (Radeon 9[5-9]00? no 
chance unless the Weather Channel gets nice once more) and if a vendor is so 
nice to publish drivers there's a guarantee somewhere in the GPL (which 
doesn't even apply to Xfree) that some f***** zealots will curse them to hell 
and back for not being open source.

There's a problem of legacy (X itself) and mentality (hardcore GNU dunces) 
which has been successfully keeping back *nix from the masses since 
inception. It's middle management all over again.

And thanks for picking up my point.

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