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Re: Windoze software - vpn [was Newbie Hardware/Partitioning]

hi ya arnt

On Tue, 2 Sep 2003, Arnt Karlsen wrote:

> > > Oh, I actually want the entire machine for Linux. I am more than fed
> > > up with Windows personally. Unfortunately, however, my work involves
> > > several Micro$haft products. I connect to a VPN using Microsoft
> > > networking components. I am uncertain if those are really necessary,
> > > however. The boss only lets us upload to the server via the VPN
> > > because that maintains timestamps.
> .._several_ options here.  Type of vpn; what's in your boss' end? ;-)
> > > The other item is MS VSS, which of course also uses the VPN. The one
> > > other item I use for work is ePop. It's not MS, but it is
> > > Windows-only. I am aware of certain Windows emulators for Linux, but
> > > not aware of how effective they actually are.
> ..pass on these, I diched Wintendo 7 years ago.  Alvin?

huh ???  i like the name "wintendo" ... much better than windoze ....

for vpn stuff .... that implies security is non-existent on both ends
of the vpn connection  unless some steps are taken to make vpn more secure

and i gave up wintendo support 10-15 yrs ago ... never used it for "work"
except with msdos ways when the C compile was either ms or borland 
( gcc was barely coming out back than for pcs )

for which vpn stuff to use or not ..

c ya

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