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Re: simple backup script

Jacob Anawalt wrote:


     if($base eq '/home' and $ar eq 'data')
       #Special case for the /home/data archive, clean out old files
       `find /home/data/mail/ -ctime +1 -exec rm {} \\;`;
       `find /home/data/log/ -ctime +1 -exec rm {} \\;`;
`find /home/data/ -ctime +1 -path "/home/data/source_*_*/delivery/*" -exec rm {} \\;`

Sorry, I thought I had pulled that part of the code out of my example. If you do want to use this code, don't copy this part (especially if you do have a user 'daa' with a directory source_*_*/delivery that you want to keep stuff in)

That rdiff-backup program looks interesting. I'm checking it out.


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