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Re: Packages: required vs recommended vs suggested

On Mon, 2003-09-01 at 02:05, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Marc Wilson wrote:
> > Neal Lippman wrote:
> > > I did in install last pm of a package which "recommends" other packages,
> > > which it turned out I needed in order to make things work.
> > 
> > Then perhaps they're actually dependencies?  Did you file a bug?
> For discussion purposes what package are you talking about?

	The specific problem was with libsasl2 which lists libsasl2-modules as
recommended, but in fact, without these (or other) plugins, the package
is unusable (see the output of apt-cache search libsasl2). I suppose it
is possible that libsasl2 makes libsasl2-modules a recommended but not
required dependency in case someone has other sasl2-pam plugins
available, but I'm not sure where this would be the case (the modules
contained in sasl2-modules are part of the source that comes with
cyrus-sasl on which libsasl2 is built).

	Since I'm far from a sasl expert, I emailed this info to the cyrus-imap
maintainer (who was very helpful in getting my install of cyrus21-imapd
going) to see what he thought about this before I file a bug.


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