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Re: OT: Debian Mailinglist server slow?

On Mon, Sep 01, 2003 at 05:55:20PM +1200, cr wrote:
> On Monday 01 September 2003 13:11, Pigeon wrote:
> > As far as the visible particulate emissions from a steamer are
> > concerned, they are universally built to a design which received
> > government approval as able to consume its own smoke, dating from the
> > very beginnings of steam locomotive traction. How well this is
> > actually achieved depends a lot on the skill of the fireman. (And
> > maintenance levels, but this applies to diesels too of course.)
> The early locos used to burn coke, for this reason.    Then (I think it was 
> with the introduction of the brick arch in the firebox, which causes the 
> gases emitted by coal to be fully consumed rather than coalescing into smoke 
> particles), it was found possible to use coal, which of course gave far more 
> heat per cubic foot and was far cheaper.    

It was indeed the brick arch.

> And it does depend very much on the grade of coal, the design of the grate 
> and gas passages, *and* the skill of the fireman.

Good point. Yes, due to changes in the economics of coal supply, a lot
of them ended up burning grades of coal for which their fireboxes were
not designed, which doesn't help.


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