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Re: Getting KDE 3.1

On Sun, 31 Aug 2003 19:59:35 -0600,
Bob Proulx wrote:


> How do you find and remove all of the old kde packages?  I am sure
> there are better ways.  I found all version 2.2.2 packages and then
> manually skimmed the list to make sure it was only kde packages and
> then removed that list.  Don't remove awk or anything that is not part
> of kde!
>   COLUMNS=200 dpkg -l |grep -F 2.2.2 > /tmp/kdelist
>   editor /tmp/kdelist  # manually verify and clean
>   awk '{print$2}' /tmp/kdelist > /tmp/kdepkglist
>   apt-get remove $(</tmp/kdepkglist)
> I contemplated removing kdelibs but that did not seem to take
> everthing with it.  But if there were a base package or two
> that would be the simplest way.  I would be interested in
> hearing if someone deduces the minimum set of things to remove
> to make all of kde-2.2.2 removed from the machine.


Shouldn't removing QT remove the whole KDE shebang?

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