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Re: Getting KDE 3.1

In linux.debian.user, you wrote:
> After having tracked some of the KDE updates I would not recommend it
> for the faint of heart.  There is no clear update path at this moment.
> The most reliable method I have found is to completely remove kde
> first then install the new kde packages second.  Remember these are
> not released and so there are problems to be worked out before it gets
> into a releasable state.
> How do you find and remove all of the old kde packages?  I am sure
> there are better ways.  I found all version 2.2.2 packages and then
> manually skimmed the list to make sure it was only kde packages and
> then removed that list.  Don't remove awk or anything that is not part
> of kde!

I used dselect and removed libarts1 with that.  I did a *very* thorough job. 
I don't think it took out awk.  ark was taken and a bunch of kde things
which looked like all of it.  I think you would see a difference in removing
kdelibs with dselect rather than apt-get.  


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