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RE: Windoze software [was Newbie Hardware/Partitioning]

> > if it was my machine ...
> >
> > 10GB	/windows	/dev/hda1	- find out how
> much space you're
> > 					using now and double it??
> ..leave it alone, he's gonna _want_ 30GB for linux.  _Eventually_.
> He just needs to experience the why's for himself, as we all do. ;-)

Oh, I actually want the entire machine for Linux. I am more than fed up with
Windows personally. Unfortunately, however, my work involves several
Micro$haft products. I connect to a VPN using Microsoft networking
components. I am uncertain if those are really necessary, however. The boss
only lets us upload to the server via the VPN because that maintains

The other item is MS VSS, which of course also uses the VPN. The one other
item I use for work is ePop. It's not MS, but it is Windows-only. I am aware
of certain Windows emulators for Linux, but not aware of how effective they
actually are.

Does anyone have any experience running such items under Debian? Or any
other bright ideas? Like running VPN and VSS on my Windows box and sharing
the files with the Debian box? Perhaps I could access the VPN via the
Windows box?

To remind those of you who may be Debian geniuses, I am a complete newbie.

Thank you,

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