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Re: Spam Assassin 2.5x

On Sunday 31 August 2003 21:38, Bob Proulx wrote:
> David Corbin wrote:
> > I upgraded SA to the 2.54 version from apt-get.org.
> Which site?
> > Now, it seems, NO spam is detected. Looking at the headers, it gives
> > everything a 0 score.  It also says "test=0", as if it's not
> > checking anything.  Is there some configuration piece that got
> > missed or that I need to set by hand?
> Hmm...  I recommend you upgrade from Duncan's own backport area.
>   deb http://people.debian.org/~duncf/debian/ woody main
> That should work out of the box.  And he just updated that to 2.55
> with the osirusoft patches.  So that is worthwhile.
> Bob

That is where I updated.  The problem is that my procmail recipe was 
continuing to reference the old configuration.

David Corbin <dcorbin@machturtle.com>

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