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Re: Stymied by missing '/mozilla/chrome.d/42checky'

Adam Bogacki wrote:
Hi, I've mostly repaired the system but further dist-upgrade is prevented by the error message below - which I don't fully understand.
I've had no joy with Google ... (apologies for any hand-copy errors).

dpkg: error processing
(var/cache/apt/archives/mozilla-xft2%3a1.4-3_i386.deb (--unpack):
    subprocess new post-removal script returned an error status 1

Updating mozilla chrome registry ... cat: /var/lib/mozilla/chrome.d/42checky: No such file or directory

dpkg: error while cleaning up:
    subprocess post-removal script returned an error status 1

When I inspect  /var/lib/mozilla/chrome.d/42checky I find 42checky there
in red lettering on black background, which I dont understand.

Other packages install but the 42checky error prevents mozilla-xft installing which in turn prevents other moz components upgrading.

Might be a symlink. man dpkg. Try the --force-remove-reinstreq option.

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