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I need some help.

I've been posting all over the internet about a CUPS problem I have and searching the docs/google for about five days straight. Well, almost, I sleep and do other things but I think I've logged about 20 hours so far.

Why is it that when there is a problem with CUPS there is absolutely no one to support anything and no information on the errors?

I had it working at one time and it just simply broke during the summer. I didn't change anything in that time unless something in -testing was upgraded. But there haven't been any messages.

I find a couple of posts about the exact same error, "ReadClient() 7 IPP Read Error!", but absolutely no one has ever responded, that I can find, to assist in resolving the problem. Not just to me, but on the cups mailing list, suse mailing lists and a few other LUGS that I found on google.com. Is it so obvious that the only answer is RTFM? The Troubleshooting section seemed a bit thin...

It is imperative that I have a printer working by Tuesday afternoon.

I do not believe in the "reinstall the OS" under Debian. But at this point I can only come up with two possible solutions: purge everything that's related to cups, deleting all the config files and start over again. move to another distribution of linux that has more automated and complete support for printing out-of-the-box.

Or are my posts on CUPS being ignored because I'm coming off as being a complete ass-wipe?

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