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email server

hi ya

to the poster that posted about "step by step" process
to setup an email server ...
	- i deleted your mail .. and decided to reply now

lets see ...

0) harden your mail server to minimize exploitable vulnerabilities

a) pick which mta you like
	- sendmail, exim, postfix, qmail, foo

	( lets make it easy and use exim if you're using
	( a debian box 

b) pick what you want it to do ..
	- configure it for antispam
		- rbls, reverse dns,
		- fake users sending and receiving 
		- bad headers, bad subject, bad content,
		- blah blah to filter against

	- configure it for antivirus

	- configure it for foo-features
	- think you wanted ldap features too ??
	( shy ?? )

c) pick which pop server you want
	- imap ??? ( bad choice )

	- use secure imap instead

d) play with apt-get options to see whats available in *.deb packages

e) webmail vs ldap ?? ( anybody can check email from anywhere )
	- i'd pick secure webmail instead

f) configure samba  if you have windoze users

c ya

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