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Re: BIOS reports more memory than kernel finds

Dean Allen Provins wrote:
> I just added another 32 + 64 MB of memory to an older Pentium 1 (2 72
> pin SIMMS each).  There was already 32 MB installed, so this should have
> totalled 128 MB.  The BIOS finds about 117 MB, and the kernel (2.2.18)
> finds just 65 MB.

Read this for the details:


The older BIOS ABI only had enough bits to report 64 MB as a maximum
amount of ram installed.  At the time the programmers certainly said
to themselves, "Who would ever have that much ram installed?"  :-)

You will probably need to supply the correct amount of memory as an
option to the kernel at boot time.  I will assume you are using lilo
as that is the default.  Put this in your /etc/lilo.conf file and then
run lilo.



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