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Re: PHP4 for Apache2: when ?

i have seen some time ago (as i was quite new to debian/linux) that debian packages are far not current or partially even over some years old. so i have decided for myself, to install only some uncritical packages like gcc/compilers and some other things like bash or zip. everything else, server related stuff like apache, php, mysql, exim (still 3.x!!), i'll download the latest source and compile it by myself. works pretty fine so far. and i have the advantage to configure some things as i need them, that only can be set at compile time.

and, even if there will be php4 support for apache 2 (i'm still with apache 1, because of a necessary setuid module) by debian, i guess you wouldn't really want to use it. seems, they'll not update php before php5. i mean, php 4.1.2 (from debian 3.0 stable) is - how old? - at least a year now. and since then, many new useful features have beed added and quite some bugs were fixed. (ok, there came new bugs, but hey, that's progress of software. if we never update anything, we could have stayed with our 486s!)

Yves Goergen
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