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Re: WD internal eide160 gb 40-pin recommended packages

On Tuesday 19 August 2003 04:05 pm, Antonio Rodr wrote:
What are the recommended packages for proper recognition and
functioning of a WD internal eide160 gb 40-pin hard disk? Planning
to install woody in it.
Disks are more of a bios or kernel issue, most kernels by default are setup to handle atapi drives. That said I like to have hwtools &
hdparm installed on IDE systems.

The only things that will stop Linux from recognising your hard drive in full are:

1) The Bios
2) The IDE controller
3) Using older software versions

You should be able to flash your bios if it does not support large drives, check the website for your motherboard. While you are there, check that your IDE controllers will support large drives. If your computer is over a year old, you may find that you can upgrade your bios, but cannot do anything about your IDE controller. In that case, upgrade your bios and use a seperate controller card that does support large drives.

So long as you use a recent kernel (I suggest 2.4.20) then you should not have any problems seeing the full disk once the hardware is sorted out.


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