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Re: ip changed after sometime using dhcp

On Tue, Aug 19, 2003 at 10:16:29PM -0600, Jacob Anawalt wrote:
> likely comming from the server. You could ask them if the length of the 
> lease you are getting is what they intended, and maybe provide some 
> reasons for increasing the lease. I would be frustrated having the lease 
> expire while the system was still running (unless I'm running 24 hours a 
> day, in which case I'm glad when it doesn't expire). If it's more often 
> than that and the IT people are at all concerned about keeping track of 
> who had what address when (for looking into trouble reports) they must 
> have a large log/database.
> You are saying that mid-session your connections from your DHCP'd 
> workstation to the remote system get dropped because the ip address 
> changes, right?
> Maybe there's a vpn solution that could work for you. I know that 
> usually cycling a network interface (ifdown/ifup) doesn't drop ssh 
> connections when the ip addresses on each end stay the same. Since the 
> vpn ip addresses can be configured to be the same each time the tunnel 
> is brought up, having that interface cycle (if needed) when the DHCP 
> lease is renewed might work for you.
> I'm running dhclient from the dhcp-client 2.0pl5-15. It has a file 
> /etc/dhclient-script which is suppose to execute 
> /etc/dhclient-exit-hooks if that script exists. It seems that the hooks 
> to send an email or cycle a vpn tunnel could be written into 
> dhclient-exit-hooks for the RENEW, REBIND, BOUND and REBOOT situations. 
> Hopefully dhcp-client 3.x has these features as well.
> I haven't looked into doing any of this since my lease has lasted over a 
> year.
> Good luck with the setup. I hope there's a vpn or some other virtual 
> interface or easier solution that works for you.
> Jacob
> jacob@cachevalley.com

Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation. Yes, there is a vpn that I
can use, but the admin configured it that when you login it will
disable LAN, which means I can't make my computer as a ftp server,
that's inconvenient for me. I find someone else suggest using dyndns.org
as a solution, I will try it out later.

Zeng Nan

Simple is Beautiful.

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