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Re: raid question

hi ya rudy

On Mon, 18 Aug 2003, Rudy Gevaert wrote:

> I do not want to boot of it.

okay... another step in raid-land for a later day to setup 
> > and more importantly partition type should be F3 ( linux-raid )  insted of
> > ext2 or ext3
> I had already made 3 partions (not in use) on both disk EXT3, and made
> a raid one system with it.  Now I have changed the type to FD (Linux
> raid autodetec).  I could mount it also when being ext3.
> Can't I use ext3 on the raid system?

you can do anything you like to the individual partitions

when you do  mkraid /dev/mdo ... ( everything is lost that was previously
done so there is no point to doing anything outside of "raid commands"
	- if you want to preserve /home ... tar it up before creating
	the raid  and do the raid stuff correctlt and than restore from
	tar ...

when you keep your existing old /dev/hda1  intact and try to make
a raid1 mirror .... some of the "mirroring will not work" since oyu 
didnt do a "mkraid /dev/md0"
	- its a bad idea NOT to do "mkraid /dev/md0"
	especially if you expect the mirror to work 100% correctly
	like when /dev/hda is removed ( simulated failed disk )

lots of docs on up to upgrade /dev/hda  to /dev/md0  ..
	- but i dont recommend it or use it that way

ultimate tests ...
	- pull  /dev/hda
	-- reboot ...
	- than pull out  /dev/hdc ...
	-- reboot ...

	if it passes your tests ... it works ..
c ya

> Why can't one put a filesystem on it before the raid process?

that is done by  "mkraid /dev/md0 ; mke2fs -j /dev/md0"
	anything else is NOT raid and is wiped out anyway
> > more software raid howto  ( converting from /dev/hda  to sw-raid )
> > 
> > 	http://www.1U-Raid5.net/HowTo
> Ok thanks!  There is more info there than in the software raid howto
> on tldp.org

thats the whole point of providing the url ..
	- pick the one of dozen ways to upgrade from /dev/hda to sw raid

	- and there will be conflicting "howto" instructions too
	depending on what the resulting raid has to do and the process
	of how to get there

c ya

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