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Re: No modem beep with pon - solved

On Tue, 12 Aug 2003, Shaul Karl wrote:

>   I guess that a better description for beeps would be all kind of
> whistles, doesn't it? I would try to inspect the modem initialization
> string and explicitly set the controls of the speaker to on. It could be
> that your modem use the PC built in speaker. However I don't know what
> control characters have to be given in the terminal in order to switch
> it on or off. 
>   Can you hear the modem when sending faxes or when dialing out with 
> other apps like minicom?

thanx for replying ... I found because of the/your "speakers" hint the problem
... I am using a toshiba laptop and while trying to change to another
console I used the Fn hotkey that mutes the speaker ... so thanx again for
your hint.

... don't touch the bang bang fruit

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