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Re: rms on debian

Kevin Mark <p.galbraith@globetrotter.net> wrote:

>  RMS: When I recommend a GNU/Linux distribution, I choose based on
> ethical considerations. Today I would recommend GNU/LinEx, the
> distribution prepared by the government of Extremadura, because that's
> the only installable distribution that consists entirely of free
> software. If I knew of more than one such distribution, I would choose
> between them based on practical considerations. 
>  TRB: What about Debian GNU/Linux, which by default does not install any
> non-free software?
>  RMS: Non-free programs are not officially considered "part of Debian",
> but Debian does distribute them. The Debian web site describes non-free
> programs, and their ftp server distributes them. That's why we don't
> have links to their site on www.gnu.org. 
>  GNU/LinEx is better because it does not distribute or recommend those
> programs. 

What's ironic is that Linex is a Debian derivative.  See


Unfortunately, I can reach http://www.linex.org to see if _they_ called
themselves GNU/Linex.  I wonder...


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