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Re: Working around package conflict

James Steward<stewardje@netscape.net> wrote:
> I recently downloaded VariCAD for Debian 3.0 for a trial run.

Is that a free trial that anyone could try?

> It is supplied as a .deb package and I simply used a dpkg -i
> varicad....deb command to install.  dpkg complained that there were
> missing dependencies for kdelibs3.

Could you post the 'dpkg --info *.deb' output?  That would list the
Depends: header and we would be able to see exactly what it depends
upon.  I suspect there is a problem there.

> I have the kdelibs4 installed, so I thought well I'll install the
> kdelibs3 as well.  No way.

Where did you install kdelibs4 from?  Debian 'unstable'?  Or a
'stable' backport?

> dselect was quite clear that this was a bad idea.

The packages list themselves as conflicting.  APT is just doing what
it can with the resulting conflicting rules it is given.

> I ended up unpacking the kdelib3 .deb package manually and moved the
> libraries into the /usr/lib directory, forced the install of VariCAD
> and after an ldconfig, VariCAD starts and runs but SEGVs on
> shutdown.  Everything else runs as before - no problem.

I might suggest using LD_LIBRARY_PATH and putting all of the libraries
varicad needs into a private directory.  But I am going to wait until
we see the results of the package dependencies.  I suspect it will
need several specific versions of libraries.  As long as libc is not
one of them you can make this work fairly easily using LD_LIBRARY_PATH
to access the libraries in your private cubby.


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