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Working around package conflict

Hello All.  I'm new to this mailing list stuff, but I have a problem that 
someone will probably be able to help me with - I hope.

I recently downloaded VariCAD for Debian 3.0 for a trial run.  It is supplied 
as a .deb package and I simply used a dpkg -i varicad....deb command to 
install.  dpkg complained that there were missing dependencies for kdelibs3.  
I have the kdelibs4 installed, so I thought well I'll install the kdelibs3 as 
well.  No way.  dselect was quite clear that this was a bad idea.  I ended up 
unpacking the kdelib3 .deb package manually and moved the libraries into the 
/usr/lib directory, forced the install of VariCAD and after an ldconfig, 
VariCAD starts and runs but SEGVs on shutdown.  Everything else runs as 
before - no problem.

What should I have done in this situation?  
What can I do to fix the problem that is there now?


Thanks in advance,

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