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Re: Woody vs. Sarge vs. You've heard this before ;-)

Aaron wrote:

I don't want the hassle of running a hybrid Woody/Sarge system, just
because I'm too lazy to deal with the depedencies, but I don't mind a
few bugs in exchange for a more recent version of KDE/gAIM/whatever.

One disadvantage of moving away from stable is that you don't have the
security updates available anymore.  Of course, this probably doesn't
matter much if you're on a single family PC with no open ports to the

But what I do on my home PC is run stable (with security updates) plus
selective updates from some of the 3rd-party Woody backport sources from
apt-get.org.  Then, I just keep an eye on new security updates; if one
cropped up on a package I drew from a 3rd party source, I'd have to
figure out if the 3rd-party packager had incorporated the update, and
what I needed to do if he didn't.

I can't stand behind any of the packages from apt-get.org, but I'd be
very surprised if, say, Adrian Bunk's packages were not of extremely
high quality.

I do notice there's some KDE there, but I can't tell if they're Woody

Happy hunting!

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