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Re: Problem with video card when installing debian Gnu/Linux.

 --- "Johansson Mikael (mj)" <mikael.mj.johansson@volvo.com> escribió: 
> Hello.
> Hardware:
> AMD Athlon processor 1,2 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 30 GB HD
> Video Card Pro Savage
> 1. When trying to install Debian Gnu/Linux the video card is
>     not recognized by the installation program. I am asked to
>     install drivers for it. How is this done? When using Win 2000
>     the cd following the motherboard can be executed automatically.

Which version of Debian are you trying to install?  The Pro Savage is a fairly
recent card (compared with the age of Debian Woody).  So you may need to go
to Teesting or Unstable, or look for a backport of XFree86.

>     Even if I find Linux-drivers for this video-card I dont know
>     how to install them properly using debian Gnu/Linux. What is 
>     the general way of installing hardware in debian. Is there a
>     special program in the OS that does this and all I have to do
>     is place the proper driver in the proper place.

Check out this page for more info Savage support in XFree86:


> 2. I want to set up my computer to run both Linux and Windows.
>     Is this possible?

Most certainly.  Just post more details as to the exact problems you are
having and what error messages you are receiving.

> Every hint is welcome!
> Thank you in advance.
> Mikael


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