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Re: how NOT to work with debian

Also sprach Richard Lyons (Mon 11 Aug 02003 at 01:25:48AM +0200):
> I previously today posted my problem with KDE breaking.  Not getting any quick 
> help, I tried to use aptitude to update, thinking that if the KDE supplied 
> with Knoppix were to be updated, it would be reconfigured and solve my 
> problems.  Well aptitude certainly found a stack of things to update, and 
> seemed happy enough with what it did.  But now I cannot start xwindows at 
> all.  I get a big debian logo and that is all.  I've tried with an existing 
> user, and also created a new user in order to eliminate the possibility that 
> old config info was interfering.  Exatcly the same result.
> What this means is that I have basically killed my computer.  All the 
> applications I use are GUI.  The only approach I know to this is to 
> re-initialize the partition, and re-install from the Knoppix CD.  In effect, 
> that means that the availability of the wonderful apt system in my ignorant 
> hands foces me to freeze the installation and avoid any upgrade.  But that 
> would defeat the objective of moving to a debian based distro.  So what can I 
> do to get back a working system?
> The apt Howto doesn't seem to offer me any guidance.  I also have limited time 
> for this, as I've already wasted a day on it.  
> Advice anyone?

Try this:



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