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Re: can't login as root on gdm

* Icarus (Icarus@gbronline.com) wrote:
> Hello. I just installed debian woody along with the window enviroment (gnome, sawfish). When I get to the GDM login screen I cannot log in as root. I'd like to be able to use the GUI as root, but when I switch consoles I still can't use startx (because the x-server is already running).
> I tried killing the x-server on console 7 but can't. I am sent back to the GDM login screen.
> Does anyone know I can resolve this problem. Thanks.

Don't log on X as root ;o)
It's very dangerous...

If you absolutely want to use graphical administration tools, type 'su'
for grant root access.
Before all, read XFree-HOWTO (some little things had to be done before an
su under x can work).

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