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Re: Helping the newbie

Kent West wrote:

Michael D. Schleif wrote:

<sigh ... />


I take it that this address is working for everyone except me?

Hmmm. I just ssh'd into another network, and it works there. How interesting. I'm on Cox Cable at home, and there it does not work.

Well, I thought it worked. I get to what seems to be a german site; the only things I see in English are things like links to go to the WebAlias Main Page and "blank.gif"s. When I click on the WebAlias Main Page, I get blocked by the alternative network's (a Christian university) filtering software because its "content category reported as sex". So I'm still not sure I'm in the right place. At any rate, I don't reckon I get to read by top-posting is considered harmful. Bummer. I was hoping to find an articulate article that I could ask the author if I could pass it on to my co-workers, who love to top-post.

Kent West (westk@acu.edu)

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