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RE: Helping the newbie

I think linux servers are less complicated than linux desktops.  At least
they are to me.  The only headaches I've had with linux were on the desktop.
The desktop needs more software that I "don't understand" if that makes any
sense.  XFree86, then window managers, and then none of it works because of
my video card.  I guess I just feel comfortable with the command line enough
to not need a GUI.  I do run Windows XP for my laptop.  I am a firm believer
of going with the best possible solution.  Generally that equates to Windows
on the LAN and Linux on WAN.  I am sure that some of the linuxheads will
jump down my throat, but it's what works for me.  I do not regularly manage
windows machines, but some of the applications are nice.  Delorme Topo is my
friend.  As well as MS Visio.  I know that linux has the equivalents and
such.  I just don't have the time to convert everything over and re-learn
applications that I am already familiar with.  Once again thank you to all
that have increased m knowledge of debian!!


Jeremy Davis
Security Analyst
Slice Networks

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> Thanks to everyone that has answered my questions.  My linux
requirements are pretty minimal compared to that of desktop users.
I pretty much just use apache, perl, php, exim, proftpd, mrtg,
iptables for custom packetfilter for wireless networks and
redirection rules for authentication. . . . .

Surprise & consternation!

I tend to think of myself as a `desktop user', running Linux (no
WinDOSe at all) as a free-lance editor.  That means vi for writing &
editing, Google (mostly) for research, & elementary system
administration.  Add grep & find.  Little else.

So maybe my definitions have gone agley.  No matter: I ought to know
better than to trust labels -- even my own.

Wendell Cochran
West Seattle

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