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Re: squid problems with DNS resolution

On Wed, Aug 06, 2003 at 08:40:16PM -0500, Greg Norris wrote:
> > I've recently setup squid for a small home network (2 boxes, not
> > counting the proxy server itself).  Unfortunately, I instantly get the
> > error text below when I try to access a non-cached site.  If I do a
> > shift-reload, the site will then load successfully, and I won't have
> > any further trouble with it.
> Just for grins I tried upgrading squid to 2.5.3, using Aurelien Jarno's
> woody backport.  The problem appears to be slightly less prominent in
> this release, but it's definitely still present.

I've enabled debugging messages for pdnsd, and they seem to confirm
that it's working properly.  For example, I just got a squid error
trying to access www.debris.com, but pdnsd shows a successful query.

   272 08/08 22:11:25| Received query.
   272 08/08 22:11:25| Questions are:
   272 08/08 22:11:25|     qc=IN (1), qt=A (1), query="www.debris.com."
   272 08/08 22:11:25| Starting cached resolve for: www.debris.com., query A
   272 08/08 22:11:25| Trying name servers.
   272 08/08 22:11:25| Query to succeeded.
   272 08/08 22:11:25| p_dns_resolve: using local cent copy.
   272 08/08 22:11:25| Outbound msg len 32, tc=0, rc="no error"
   272 08/08 22:11:25| Answering to:, source address:

At this point I'm fairly certain that it's a squid problem of some
sort.  I guess I should file a bug report, if noone has any suggestions
on how to squash this beastie...

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